full nameruth aileen hoffman akaruthie, rue date of birth + agejune 8th, 1984 (33) current residence / hometownsleepy hollow, ny / los angeles, ca occupationco-director at arrow's crest relationship statustaken etc.gemini
The Hoffman family was definitely quite an interesting one, that was for sure. A father who worked for the Jim Henson Creatureshop and a mother trained as a stuntwoman. It definitely didn't make them a dull family, and when you had five children, well that also made for some crazy experiences. Ruth Hoffman was born on June 8, 1984 in Los Angeles, California, a place she would call home until 1997. She was just beginning to enter her teenage years when the family left California for New York so her father could be a creature creator on the Broadway show Lion King.

They only stayed in the actual city for a little under a year before venturing up to Sleepy Hollow to live with their grandmother as they began to settle in. Having a larger family wasn't exactly the easiest thing financially, but they tried the best they could while all sticking together. As the oldest sibling in the Hoffman clan Ruth definitely took the role of big sister seriously, and always made it known to her siblings she would be there for them if need be. Sure, they all drove her crazy as younger siblings often did, but still they were her siblings.

While she admired her father's work immensely, she didn't see herself falling into the same career path as him. She had her creative side, and liked to be hands on, but she knew that she'd find her calling eventually. School wasn't her favorite thing, but she did pretty well for the most part. Some classes better than other, some grades great, and occasionally a bad grade due to the lack of studying for a particular test.

Never wanting to ask her parents to support her, Ruth did her hardest to always earn her own money, wanting to show her parents that they have raised her right. Sure, she had her struggles, but eventually she began to finally find her footing. It all started when she began to work for a catering company/personal chef. She really began to discover herself. She got involved in cooking immensely, trying to improve her skills everyday, and then taking what she learned and helping others. Also, she spent much time getting involved in the community.

Eventually it all came together, and with a friend they co-founded a learning resource center and youth group for children and teenagers in Westchester County. Something that Ruth will be proud of for the rest of her days.

family & pets
father john hoffman (56)
mother darlene hoffman (55)
siblings Zachery (30), Mae (26), sister (24), Jeremiah (21), Peter (12)
pets Perdita